Pioneer Woman Blog – How to Get Followers Like the Big Bloggers!

It is probably safe to say that most people when they start a blog want others to read what they have been writing. If you have a blog, or have made it around in the blogging world, you have probably noticed that there are some pretty popular bloggers who have really made it big. In fact, in visiting the Pioneer woman blog you see she has a following of, well, lets just say… many. After seeing a few blogs like hers, you ask yourself, how do I get people to care about what I am writing? How do I get that kind of traffic to my blog? How do I make it big? Let’s look at these questions one at a time.

How do I Get People to care about what I am writing? There are a few ways to find the people who will want to read what you are writing about. A good place to start would be to find groups of people who are similar to you. For example, if you are a mom blogger, join a mom bloggers club. Or, lets say you are a 20 something blogger, their is a club for you too! Another way to attract people who will care about your content would be to decide exactly what you will be writing about. Make every day have a different theme and then follow your themes religiously! Then you will have people coming back week after week looking for information on that certain theme.

How do I get that Kind of Traffic to My Blog? There are a few different things that you can try to get lots of people passing through your blog. First make sure you get your blog hooked up with social bookmarking sites like digg and stumbleuponit. Whenever someone reads your blog and likes what they see they can “digg” it. The more people who social bookmark your blog, and more specifically a certain post in your blog, the higher you get pushed up in the search engines. Therefore, the more people who are searching for what you are writing about will find you! Of course, there is always the old fashioned way to get traffic to your site, go visit other peoples blogs, comment, and hope they return the favor.

How do I make it big? That is the question, isn’t it? Keep writing, keep networking, never give up trying new things. Continue with social bookmarking and look into backlinking. All of these things are simple concepts once you learn how to use them.