Turn Your Blog Into A Money-Making Business

Do you have a blog or are thinking about starting one? Are you wondering how long it will take to build your audience so you can begin selling sponsorships and finally start making money? Or perhaps you are a little unclear as to how to get started and what does it really entail.

I was once wondering the same thing. I definitely had a voice I wanted to share with the public and I loved visiting all the amazing blogs on the web, but it can be intimidating. There are a lot of blogs out there on the world wide web!

Years ago when I started my first blog I wondered how my blog would transform and more importantly how it would make me money! It wasn’t until I started thinking of my blog as a business that things started to turn around.

Here are some quick ideas on how to turn your blog into cold hard cash:

Have a mailing list. This is often overlooked by most bloggers and I must say it’s a huge mistake. You must, must, must have a mailing list. Give your audience something to sign-up for so you can continue your conversation and get to know them better– and perhaps someday you can sell something to them. (jewelry,vintage clothing, e-courses, design services, or hire you for what you do best)

Track your traffic. Don’t concentrate on page views, concentrate on unique visitors. Embed Google analytics into your blog and start tracking where your traffic comes from and be sure to start targeting those website who are bringing you new visitors. The money in blogging comes from how many people visit your blog, this is how you can sell sponsorships, if you should go this route.

Be yourself. This is an absolute must. I love when I visit a blog and you can tell through pictures and blog posts that this person is authentic. Copying someone or trying to be something you’re not is like a stinky cologne– no one likes that smell. Tell personal stories, but leave out anything private. Embrace your voice by writing the way you talk. This is a great way to build readership. The people you were meant to inspire or serve will take notice and will leave the others behind. You don’t need a million visitors to your blog to be successful. You only need to create a buzz around what you’re doing and then sell something that your audience wants– but only if that something is something you love and are skilled at. Being yourself is always the key to success.

Choose a topic and stick with it. Trying to be everything to everyone is a big no-no. When starting a blog you should pick 1-2 topics max. When you confuse your visitors (like trying to blog about food, fashion, health, your dog, your relationship, your jewelry) they won’t remember you as easily. Think of your blog as a business and start branding your strongest talent. Be known for something and then get really good at writing, making videos, taking photographs about that topic. Once your audience grows then you can introduce new topics to your blog and spread your wings.

Promote, promote, promote. Step into your spotlight and get in front of your people! If you sell your designs, artwork, or services, by all means promote it to the fullest extent. Your blog is a place to help other get to know you and what you’re all about. If you have an tsy store or are trying to get your holistic business off the ground, have an area in your sidebar that screams “Hire Me” or “Buy my Rad Stuff.” Remember: it takes 7-8 times of someone seeing something to remember it. Don’t let your potential customers forget about all the cool things you are doing and selling.

Network like businesswoman. To turn your blog into a business you’ll have to start thinking like a business woman. Networking creates relationships and like any good business, you’ll need to start building a tribe that follows your every move. Hanging out online and offline with others in your industry who have the same target market profile, you’ll generate a buzz around what you’re doing faster. Try guest blogging or teaming up with another businesswoman to collaborate on a project together to help grow your business. And always reach out to people you admire and compliment them on what their doing. Be professional. Think and act like a true entrepreneur in your business moves.

Having a blog in the pinnacle to any businesses success, however, being a blogger can take months if not years to turn into a money-making business. Incorporating these tips will help build your tribe faster while serving them in a way that gets you remembered. Business is all about building the know, like, and trust factor. Let people get to know the real you and you’ll find that your blog will naturally evolve into a brand that represents who you are and what you do.

Worried That The Other Woman Is Still Thinking About Your Husband? Tips That Might Help

It’s common for wives to spend a lot of time thinking about the woman with whom their husband cheated or had an affair. This can be true even after the affair has long been over. One common concern is if the other woman still thinks about the husband (and vice verse.)

I heard from a wife who said: “my husband’s affair has been over for about three months. I believe him when he says he hasn’t been in contact with the other woman. We have been doing intense counseling and, for the most part, we are doing OK. However, I can’t help thinking about this other woman all of the time. I read some letters she wrote him where she said she’d never loved anyone in the way that she loved him. Obviously, she was very invested in him. I know that it’s silly, but I find myself thinking a lot about her and how she feels now that the affair is over. I know that I shouldn’t contact her, but does she still think of my husband?”

Obviously, I didn’t personally know either woman in this scenario so I had no way to say for sure how the other woman was feeling. The only one who can give a completely truthful answer to that question is the other woman herself. (And I certainly don’t think that you should reach out to her in order to determine her feelings.) However, I actually have some “other women” visit my blog and ask questions or make comments. I find that many of them sincerely felt that the relationship was real. Many of them are in pain because they feel as if they have been left holding the bag. I know that I’m probably not the most objective person (as my husband cheated on me,) but over time, I have come to believe that the other woman has legitimate feelings too.

Granted, it probably wasn’t the best idea to start a relationship with a married man, and it’s likely easier to characterize her as a heartless, cruel person, but this isn’t always reality. And, if we’re being honest, it’s not entirely fair. And whether the other woman still thinks of the husband is often dependent upon the type of relationship that they had. If it was just a fling that didn’t mean a thing to either of them, then she may well have left him long behind in her life and in her thoughts. But if there were real feelings on the part of either of them, then it is certainly possible that she still thinks of him from time to time. But honestly, how much should that really matter?

Now, believe me, I know that it can matter a great deal to you. I have been there and I know that it’s absolutely normal to think of and even to fixate on her. But ask yourself this question. Where is the best place to put your focus? In the past or in the present? Because frankly, wondering about her keeps you living in the past. To heal from this affair, you need to live in the present with an eye toward where you want to be in the future. Worrying about her is not in line with this.

How To Begin To Move Away From Thoughts Of The Other Woman: I know that I am asking a lot when I suggest that you shift your attention and your thoughts away from her. But I am asking because it is very important. You have to almost train yourself to stop and redirect. As soon as your thoughts tend to wander back to her, stop and ask yourself if these thoughts are doing anything to bring you peace or to move forward. When you determine that the answer is no, make a very conscious decision to stop the thoughts by redirecting yourself. You might chose to journal about what you are grateful for, to take a walk, or to go work out. You want to choose something that gets you out of your own head and forces you to concentrate and to think of something else. If you continue to do this every time those stray thoughts lead back to her, you can train yourself to have these thoughts less and less.

It’s no coincidence that a lot of fights happen once the wife starts thinking about the other woman. Because the doubts that these thoughts inspire usually urges the wife to go and start demanding answers or to pick fights. This doesn’t really benefit anyone and can negate the hard work that you have already done.

So to answer the question posed, depending upon the depth of their relationship during the affair, the other woman may well think about your husband from time to time. But frankly, her thoughts are not your problem as long as she does not act upon them. It’s so much more beneficial for you to worry about your own thoughts that drive your own actions because this is what is going to facilitate your healing. And, it’s only fair to leave her be and allow her to do the same.

How Can I Stop Repeatedly Thinking Of The Woman Who Cheated With My Husband? Tips That Might Help

I often hear from wives who can’t stop very hurtful and repetitive thoughts about the woman with whom their husband has been cheating or having an affair. Common comments are things like this from a wife: “my husband and I are trying to repair our marriage and I am committed to that process. But the major problem for us right now is the fact that I am constantly thinking about the other woman. I know a little bit about her because she works with my husband. I know that she is younger and doesn’t have children. I know that she’s very slim and has a very good job. And these things just feed my insecurities. I can’t stop thinking about how she seems to be better than me in multiple ways. My thoughts just seem to run away from me and then this makes me angry at my husband all over again and sabotages my marriage. I truly want to stop having these thoughts about her, but I just can’t seem to do so. How can I get her out of my mind?”

This is one of the biggest concerns that I hear about on my blog. This wife was certainly not alone. The vast majority of wives who deal with infidelity struggle with this issue. In the following article, I’ll offer some suggestions that might help you to deal with (and hopefully to lessen) these invasive thoughts.

Accept That People Are Not Always What They Appear To Be: Almost without fail, the wives in this situation tend to overestimate the attributes and worth of the other woman while they tend to underestimate the same attributes and worth within themselves.

Beautiful, accomplished, brilliant and perceptive women will fear that they pale in comparison to the other woman. They will think that she is smarter, prettier, and perhaps more skilled sexually. This is so very common, but it often isn’t all that accurate. People are always not exactly as they appear. And frankly, your insecurities will often build her up to a level that she does not deserve. The truth is, you just don’t know. You can only speculate. But her youth or her job or her looks really don’t tell you anything about who she truly is. It will help you if you can accept that looks can be deceiving and that, at the end of the day, who she is or what she has shouldn’t matter to you because you are banishing her from your life.

Try To Redirect The Thoughts And Do Something Productive When They Invade Your Thoughts: I know from experience that when these thoughts come, it’s very tempting to just sort of wallow in them. You could be having a perfectly productive day and you could be making progress with your husband but then suddenly thoughts of her will come into your mind and suddenly the day is ruined because you can think of nothing else. That’s why it’s vital that you learn how to stop this cycle.

For me, I used to force myself to do something productive or nice for myself when the thoughts invaded. I would journal. I would list all of the things that were positive about me. Or I would take a walk, or tell myself that thoughts are not the same as reality, or I would ask my husband to tell me the things he found attractive about me to build my self esteem.

In short, you need to learn to do anything that you can to both redirect your thoughts and then to build up your self esteem instead of allowing it to be damaged. This takes practice quite honestly. Some days, you will literally have to force yourself to redirect. But this is so much better than allowing yourself to be damaged and discouraged every time a thought beyond your control pops into your head.

Accept That Things Will Get Better As Healing Progresses: Many wives unfortunately have these thoughts and then begin to believe things like “this is never going to change. I am going to have to deal with this woman for the rest of my life. I have nothing to look forward to and I’ll never get any better because of these thoughts.” This type of thinking is normal, but it often isn’t true. When you begin to heal, thoughts like this will begin to occur less and less, until eventually, they begin to stop altogether. I can honestly tell you that it’s very rare for me to think about the other woman now. She isn’t even on my radar anymore. And once you heal, you will likely feel the same way.

But until then, it’s important that you learn to pause, redirect, and then build yourself up because you have done nothing wrong and you don’t deserve the daily onslaught of the thoughts that are damaging and hurtful to you.