Network Marketing – Guest Blogging Opportunities

If you’re in network marketing, then meeting new people is crucial to the growth of your business.

Not only do I have a couple of blogs, but I also read the blogs of many people writing on a variety of topics. It was actually my daughter who started me with guest blogging.

Think of your ideal new team member. Next think of your ideal customer. I’m sure you’ll recognize that this person has many interests.

By offering to guest blog on a variety of blogs, you’ll be meeting people of all ages and all interests.

Just this past week, I wrote a guest blog post about scrapbooking. The blog is owned by a woman who runs a lot of giveaways on her blog. So the people reading my guest post were contesters and sweepers. Last month I wrote a guest post on cooking for large families. The blog owner is a woman who attracts those with larger families. While these posts may or may not bring me business, I’m getting my name in front of a wide variety of people. I’m also attracting others to my blogs.

When I’m asked to guest blog, I always go and read the blog first. There are times I’ve said no. If I’m not comfortable with the overall content of the blog or with the language used in the blog, I’ll say no. As an example, there is a woman who posts almost daily about her husband and her kids. Her posts all complain about her relationships with her husband and her kids. While this is her blog and she has every right to choose the content for her blog, I don’t want my name associated with a blog that that only has posts about relationship complaints.

I also look for bloggers who take the time to answer comments. We all answer comments differently. Some people email the commenters. Other people comment back. Both are great. I want to guest blog for those blogs that actually have relationships with their readers.

As a guest blogger, you’ll be offered the opportunity to write a bio, and put up a link and/or a banner. This is a wonderful opportunity to let others know about your business. I keep my bio’s very simple, catering them to the blog but always letting readers know that I’m in business.

Look for guest blogging opportunities and watch your network marketing business grow.