Give Your Woman Real Orgasms: 3 Powerful Secrets

The number of women out there having real orgasms would be more plentiful if men weren’t so confused about sex. Women want great sex, and when they find a guy can give them real orgasms, they flock to him. Stop worrying about pointless issues like “if size matters”. There’s factors that are a thousand times more important, like her psychology.

An orgasm for a woman starts in her mind. If you cannot arouse her imagination and her emotions then you will not be able to give her a real orgasm — and I don’t care if you’re the penis size world record holder. There are three variables to consider when psychologically arousing her:

Attraction, Emotional Baggage, and Physical Escalation.

Her level of attraction for you is the first and most important thing you should be focusing on when you first start dating a woman. The reality is that she is barely interested in you, then it’s going to be a whole lot harder to give her a real orgasm than if she thinks you’re as hot as George Clooney.

Why not strive to have her see you as the most attractive man she’s ever met? I do. There are things you can do to increase her attraction for you. To start, always make her expend effort — make her work hard for you! The harder she works for you, the more she will want you.

Next, be her Knight in shining armor. Lead her on an adventure. It is the man’s responsibility to take the lead in the courtship process, the better you are at taking the lead, the more attraction she will feel for you, and the more likely she will have a real orgasm with you.

Next, aim to become her deep sex fantasy. But I can’t go into full detail in this article:-)

After she’s completely attracted to you, this might still not be enough to give her a real orgasm if bad experiences in her past are holding her back from being able to come. This is much more common that you might suspect. Often the her inability to orgasm isn’t your fault, but the fault of the last three guys who cheated on her. Talk to her. If you can get her to share and overcome her emotional pain related to sex, then it will no longer prevent her from having real orgasms.

After, she’s gotten to the point where she’s open with you, physically escalating with her becomes much easier. Become a master at foreplay. I am constantly in a mild mode of foreplay with my women. In fact, that’s just the vibe I have with them, so when I’m around my woman, she part of her is always thinking about sex.

It’s not uncommon for me to tease a woman with foreplay for hours before sex happens. So when she finally does have sex, it seems a real orgasm is inevitable. You don’t just have to use physical foreplay — flirt and tease, be hot and cold, then affectionate and dominant.

Perhaps you gently caress her for a few minutes, then you growl in her ear, and you tell her how you’re going to dominate her in bed.

Physical escalation is the third step — after increasing her attraction, and clearing up her baggage. It has to be in that order. Once you’ve mastered this sequence, giving your woman real orgasms will be simple. I have gone into great detail on this very system on my blog… check it out.

How a Woman Can Get Wealthy From Home

Here is how a woman can get wealthy from home. Unlike many other industries, the internet marketing is geared toward the success of any gender and may even favor women. Either way this is a slam dunk opportunity for a woman to get ahead. Here are three venues that she might use for this purpose.

1) Blogging-Women are the great communicators in our society. Blogging was designed with this form of human connection in mind. If a woman can find the right niche for her personality, she can go a long way with this marketing process. Using the blog is a great way to stay in contact with your customers and offer services and products to them. They will be looking for what you have to offer and if you can keep them informed, they can become loyal customers.

2) Article Marketing-Article marketing is another great way for a woman to get wealthy from home. Once she has established her interests, she can use this process to write about it. She can become the market expert and have a following of interested readers. There is a lot of money to be made in this system.

3) Video Marketing-Just like the article marketing, the video is a great tool for driving traffic to your sales site. The process is very similar and is enhanced visually to compel customers with several senses at once. A woman can compete nicely in the marketing industry by creating videos from home.

There are a lot of ways how a woman can get wealthy from home. The internet can provide a connection from her to the world. There are a lot people out there looking for services and products. If she can master the art of advertising, she will do very well for herself. An education in the marketing basics is the key to her success.