Attracting Woman Techniques: “ATTENTION” – We All Love It

So recently I have been reading articles from blogs and other websites that have seduction techniques and certain ways of attracting woman. Well I was determined to see if this worked so I stuck myself out there and tried some of these techniques and here is what I came up with. Reinventing some of them helped me develop confidence in myself so the first one I call is “I love ATTENTION” Technique. Kind of utilized other peoples techniques and put them all in one and it was a great benefit utilizing its core attention skills.

There are 4 steps in using this type of style and you may want to be a little less insecure before trying these:

1. Always travel in a pack of 3 or more.

This shows woman and other people at the bar that you are not entirely boring when you have a man pack (Please don’t use brothers or pay someone to do this). Just having your friends their will help you to be more outgoing. This also gives people a false presumption that you can be fun and be more inclined to want to be close to you and your posse.

2. Wear something that brings attention to you.

Now this is a DB move in most part because you will most likely bring negative attention if you don’t use this right (you will be ridiculed all night by other guys). So bring something that will compliment you but also something that will make you stand out. Wearing a Funny shirt, Sunglasses, a funny Hat or something that you know will be funny and off the wall. Now this works but when you have them saying something witty to you have to know what to say back or this will not work whatsoever

3. Be louder and funnier than anyone else.

This is a great thing to do because not only does this bring more attention to you but also brings you out of your comfort zone. Don’t be obnoxious because no one likes annoying people so try not to get drunk and do this. Talk to everyone because if woman see that you supposedly know everyone, they would think you are fun but also mysterious. Don’t be frightened if woman just come up to you.

4. Break out of your comfort “Zone”

This is my favorite thing to do because it is just plain fun and that is the reason why you’re out and about in the first place. One thing I will comment on this is, you have to be willing to take a chance on anything, don’t let anything sustain from trying new things. So the plan here is to basically play games, Tactics to your advantage if you have to state why. I will give you an example on what I mean because this is something I tried “so what I did was planted my buddy and me upfront of the bar and shook every girls hand on their way in introducing us as co-managers of the establishment. Of course we were not but it still gave the advantage of them stopping to ask if we were really Managers making other people look and give us attention thus creating the ultimate attention getter.” This in a very innovative approach so go in with an open mind.

I will state this worked wonders, It not only helped at that specific time but also gave me a lot more confidence in myself and communication with the opposite sex.